Shrine: Tribute to a Hero! / Multi Media Unit

In this experience students will explore mixed media processes and materials to create an art work that pays tribute to a “hero”; a person, ideal, event and/or response of importance to the artist.

Dear Students,

For my lesson you will be creating a shrine to honor an important “hero” in your life. This “hero”10HouseholdShrines1 may be fictional or real. Your hero may also be an ideal, event, and/or response that is important to you!  All materials will be provided except for an armature (small box or container) and  found objects you might incorporate into your shrine to create an assemblage. Old buttons, shells, rocks, electronic parts, doll parts…whatever might convey a sense of what your hero stands for to you!


You will also learn about repoussé and intaglio printing. Get ready……..

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